Unfortunately, COVID-19 is rising on a daily basis not only across the globe but also in our areas. And with the new lockdown in place, we can expect to see more disruption in many aspects of our lives. We must once again stay safe at home while leaving home to get essential foodstuffs or if you are an essential worker.

Millions of us now spend a lot of our time at home. Many of our regular social routines and activities won’t be available to us. And in respect of that, you may experience increased stress during the pandemic. Fear and anxiety can be really overwhelming causing strong emotions. One of the effective ways to increase and build resilience is through the help of social support from family, friends, colleagues and significant others. Sharing your experiences, worries, concerns and anxieties is very important. But if these support sources aren’t available or if you feel you would benefit better from the help of one of our team of expert counsellors and therapists, Hoxton Therapy can provide real-time telephone or video call therapy that best suits your needs.

Video and voice telephone therapy has proven to be a highly effective and successful form of support. Although different from conventional face-to-face therapy sessions, it may suit some individuals more than others as it allows you to get helped anytime and wherever you are without having to cross the restriction line.

Hoxton Therapy is a  mental health clinic located in London. Due to the rising need for mental health services in this period, they are open throughout the week for appointments for counselling and psychotherapy available from 8am to 11pm daily.