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Jo is an accomplished Integrative Counsellor holding a BA (Hons) and a progression of diplomas culminating in a Level 5 Foundation Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Her eclectic therapeutic approach draws from a spectrum of methodologies, ensuring personalized support for each individual's needs. Jo's practical expertise extends to facilitating 'Nature & Nurture' support groups, aiding young people and their parents through emotional challenges by integrating the healing aspects of nature into therapy.

Her work also spans to support for those with learning and neuro-diverse conditions in forensic rehabilitation settings. Committed to professional excellence, Jo continuously updates her skills and maintains membership with the BACP, reflecting her adherence to stringent training and ethical standards.

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Rebecca is a compassionate mental health professional, specialising in counselling for issues like social anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. With a focus on personal growth and behavioural change, she has experience in lifespan theories and has navigated the emotional aspects of parenthood.

Rebecca utilises multiple therapeutic approaches such as Humanistic, CBT, and CFT, tailoring her methods to each client's unique needs. She currently offers online sessions via Microsoft Teams, and over the phone. Actively expanding her skills, Rebecca is training in telephone counselling and plans to introduce Walk and Talk therapy.


Psychology, depending on who you ask, can be one of many different things. Psychology is typically the study of the mind, of human behaviour and of how we relate to our day-to-day experiences.

Psychology plays a part in every decision that we make, every reaction that we provide and every concept we grasp. It looks into everything from how the brain functions, to how someone develops as they grow and age into maturity.

The more we can learn about the general structure of the mind, the more that we can do to prepare for a safer future for all. One question that you might have is why you should decide to see a psychologist. Is it for you? Are you looking for a London Psychologist ?

Do I need to visit a Psychologist?

  • A psychologist is usually someone to see when you cannot find the answers to your own dilemmas.
  • They tend to give you the opportunity to delve deeper into a mental health difficulty that you find yourself or simply to try and make sense of your day-to-day life.
  • It’s a useful form of treatment for everything from depression and anxiety to understanding everything from PTSD and CPTSD
  • From identifying major problems that hold you back to helping you adjust bad behavioural mistakes, you can find it’s much easier to change and grow with a psychologist.
  • When you reach a certain stage in life where you need treatment, you might need more than just an ear to listen. A psychologist offers more than just someone to talk to.
  • As professionals, they understand the problems you face better than the average person. This allows them to utilise their expertise in human behaviour to help you grow.
  • Psychologists can help you to deal with life problems, using coping techniques to help make sure you are closer to achieving personal and professional goals.

Whether you are suffering from a stressful situation or you feel like you are majorly lacking in self-belief, you will find that a trip to a psychologist makes sense. It can give you the edge needed to get over the problems that you face, and give you the answers needed to make the most of yourself personally and professionally. If you cannot deal with a problem and you feel like you need more than a pep talk, consider investing some time into talking with a psychologist to delve deeper and find a genuine solution.

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