What is family therapy ?

Within Family therapy, Family Therapists are otherwise known as Systemic Therapists, tend to work with families to find constructive solutions. Families are small, interwoven communities that can experience problems and issues like any other community. With the help of our therapists, you can get the help that you need to engage with a proven solution.

By creating an environment that lets everyone speak in turn, listen to one another and appreciate the needs of each other, we can help you to build on strengths whilst minimising weaknesses for a positive future. Looking for Psychologists in London ?

The main aim of family therapy is to:

  • Help improve relationships and bring everyone closer together organically.
  • Bring families together and help them really around individual or multiple members.
  • Address problems together in a safe, soothing environment built for resolution.
  • Solve problems that originate outside of the home, reducing disruption.

If you feel like your problems fall into any of the above categories, then we have the ability to help you. Sessions involving multiple family members can allow our therapist to help you find an amicable solution for everyone. Working in a group discussion, we can spot the key difficulties that you face together, and help everyone to move forward.

Key factors in family therapy:

  • Typically, family therapy sessions are weekly or fortnightly, but can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Each appointment can be followed-up with another, if you feel you are ready.
  • Each session tends to last for around 60 minutes; ask us about this if you want clarity.
  • Sessions can last for up to six volumes, but can take longer if you wish.
  • Some sessions include multiple
  • We keep consistency in the therapists you visit for each session with us.

Carer support.

In family therapy we also provide for parents and carers the opportunity to talk about the support provided to a child. This is a great chance to talk about present and future concerns, to get extra support for the parent or to clear the air amid a disagreement.

Family therapy usually lasts for around 50 minutes, each session will be aimed at finding a solution, regardless of session volume. Available at schools and in our centre, we’ll make sure you can get the help that you need. Also, we separate the therapist you work to the one that your child(ren) would work with to help avoid bias.

We’ll provide a specific treatment plan for every member of the family coming into the situation. The end result is to help strengthen familial connections, ensure there is support during stressful events and to build a stronger foundation for the family to build upon.

Typically, we offer family therapy as a form of treatment as it can bring an end to a troubled, challenging relationship. It can address serious problems such as marital issues, financial disagreements, parent/child conflicts and the impact that any kind of abuse, addiction or illness is having on the rest of the family.

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