Acceptance Commitment Therapy

acceptance commitment therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

For many people acceptance commitment therapy one of the most challenging parts of modern life is accepting changes in our life. Through Acceptance Commitment Therapy, it’s possible for you to get a mindful-based form of treatment that’s built on classic Buddhist mentality and beliefs. It’s a powerful form of treatment that has become increasingly popular for those going through a tough period in life.

It helps us to embrace thoughts we have once seen as unpleasant and unwarranted. Instead of trying to eliminate these kinds of thoughts, Acceptance Commitment Therapy is all about helping you to open up to these challenges. The rationale behind this is quite simple; many of our problems come from an innate fear of being anxious, scared or frustrated. If we can learn to accept that these feelings will happen to us, then it becomes easier to deal with them when they strike.

We can often reduce our general sense of negativity if we do this, making sure that we can face up to our feelings without the previous uncertainty. The more we try to avoid feelings of negativity, the more painful it can become when such feelings become unavoidable. Through Acceptance Commitment Therapy, we can find a release.

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Acceptance Commitment TherapyAcceptance Commitment Therapy

The Six Principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy. 

  • Cognitive Defusion. One of the core principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy is all about helping you avoid buying into negativity and repressive emotions. This helps you to change the way that you think, instead making it easier to simply not engage with negativity instead of running away from it constantly.
  • Acceptance Thinking. When we allow those thoughts to arrive, though, we often need to make space for them and leave them in their own little pool in our minds. Instead of trying to fight them off, we can learn to accept, even tolerate the negativity that we used to run from.
  • Living the Moment. Part of Acceptance Commitment Therapy is about helping you to become more mindful of the present, instead of worrying about the future or cringing over the past. It gives us a more methodical mind and stops us always looking at the potential or probable outcomes of anything going on in life.
  • Self-observation. Another powerful part of undergoing Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) is that you get a more powerful sense of self-understanding in general. You will find it much easier to simply allow your negative thoughts to exist, instead of suppressing them and watching them grow in scale and in intensity. By recognising these experiences and seeing that they do not harm us when we accept them, we can become much more likely to deal with the challenges in life.

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  • Values. We all have our own values, and it’s vital that you understand the importance of maintaining your own values. When we know what is most important to us, it becomes much easier for us to live within these values. Every goal that we have in life will have an unpleasant side-effect, or something that we need to overcome to achieve that success. It’s very important that you note this, as it makes it much easier for you to clarify what you want in life, making it easier for you to face negativity head-on and instead stop trying to avoid negativity.
  • Commitment. The last principle of ACT is all about making sure that you always are taking an extra step closer towards achieving your goals and dreams. This makes it easier for you to see that difficulty will come, but if you are committed then it has nothing like the same impact on you mentally. It will make you much more likely to move in a positive, proactive and engaging direction.Keeping that in mind, then, can you see why ACT might be such a useful tool for you?

Used right, you can find that it offers you all the help that you need to overcome the negatives in your life. If you find it hard to overcome negativity, then ACT can make you a touch more likely to face, overcome and eventually defeat adversity.

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