Schema therapy

Schema Therapy hoxton therapy in london

Schema therapy.

Schema therapy is among the most popular and innovative treatment types on the market at present. A very powerful and in-depth form of therapy, this looks to use key forms of therapy such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Experiential Therapy and Psychoanalytical thinking in one comprehensive form of therapy.

It’s used to help people to alter and adjust their general day-to-day thinking, removing long-standing barriers in their daily activities and thoughts. The term Schema therapy, though, refers to the numerous Schemas that we look to adjust that hold us back in life.

Common Schemas includes thoughts and feelings such as:

  • How could anyone love me?
  • I’m a constant failure to everyone.
  • Nobody cares about me or my actions.
  • I lack any form of importance in life.
  • Something negative always happens to me.
  • Everyone leaves me in the end-up.

Schema therapy, guidance and counselling

How schema therapy can assist?

This kind of therapy has been known to provide a lot of relief for those who simply need to find an escape from this endless negativity. If any of the below sounds like you, then you might find that Schema therapy is a very worthwhile experience overall. Do you:

  • Continually find yourself surrounded by the same personality archetypes? Do you have people in your life who make it hard for you to meet your personal or professional needs?
  • Find yourself unable to react in accordance to the situation? Do you always find yourself overreacting and then regretting actions later?
  • Return to the same addictive behavioural over and over, without any ability to make a lasting break from this behaviour?
  • Return to the same addictive behavioural over and over, without any ability to make a lasting break from this behaviour?
  • Have a hard time rejecting something that you know could harm you, through the fear of judgement of others?
  • Lack any kind of self-belief or lasting confidence?

If any of this applies to you, then Schema therapy is a likely source of relief from this mental anguish. How?

  • Starting off, you will undergo a full evaluation of your behavioural patterns that seem to survive through each stage of your life.
  • By undergoing a series of questions, you can learn more about what you think and feel, and the patterns that exist.
  • Through the medium of talking, you’ll be able to better develop a greater sense of emotional awareness.
  • This helps us to eventually reach those early-life issues that set your negative Schemas in stone.
  • By using structural assignments, we’ll make sure that you have an actionable strategy to work towards to transform your mentality and mind-set.
  • Lack any kind of self-belief or lasting confidence?

Done right, Schema therapy can help to undo decades of self-negativity and needless personal angst. If you desire for a lasting personal change, this is the perfect place to start.

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