Self esteem

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Self esteem.

Self esteem is both one of the biggest motivators and greatest problems that we can face in conventional life. The battle to feel good and confident about ourselves is a long one, and often can become a major burden on our day-to-day lives. Trying to always be happy and feel good about ourselves in itself can feel like a health condition we must overcome. Developing health and happy self esteem is vital.

Doing so is easier than it may seem, too. We recommend that people who might have self esteem issues might find the following traits are prevalent in their day-to-day lives.

Common traits of low self esteem.

One of the most common signs is that you always feel self conscious no matter what you are doing. You will often feel like you are not good enough, that you lack the quality to do something right or you will be terrified of how you come across to other people. This can make much of your social time an experience whereby you spend too long analysing how you come across, and less time simply enjoying yourself.

This leaves you doubting everything from your looks to your intellect, and can make it hard for you to feel confident in anything that you do. Not only is this likely to make it hard for you to feel like you belong, it makes it hard for you to feel like you are even present. Often, you’ll feel like you are merely ‘there’ – never present or otherwise engaged in any activity taking place.

A constant desire to analyse every aspect of every relationship that you hold is likely to exist, too. You will not only find it hard to feel as if you satisfy your partner, but you will probably worry that they only like you because they cannot see the ‘real’ you. It’s common to feel like even the smallest problem in the relationship is the beginning of the end, as you fear that they have tired of you.

Indecision is a common part of having no self esteem. It comes from an inability to trust the decisions that you make, or feel comfortable in the decisions as you have no command over your own lifestyle. You always feel like you need confirmation of just about anything that you do, and will scrutinise and look at everything that you do to the point of absolute excess.

Sometimes, you might find that you make decisions that don’t even reflect who you are or what you want. Still, you stick with the choice because you worry that things could be even worse outside of this negative cycle.

The last common trait of someone with no self esteem is an almost immediate folding of your resistance to nearly any kind. Not only will you likely feel constantly negative and shameful, but you’ll have regularly negative thoughts about yourself and find it hard to escape them.

If this sounds like you, then it might be worth considering investing your time, energy and attention into finding a solution. Self esteem can be improved, and it can be altered to leave you much more likely to find a positive solution to the problems that you face.

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