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Solution-focused brief therapy

For many people, the concept of solution focused brief therapy can seem quite alien. However, it is among the most powerful forms of therapy around, and is often seen as one of the most reliable means of finding actionable solutions.

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Solution-focused brief therapy

What Is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

Typically, this form of therapy looks to carry out a few major elements that make it very different from other forms of therapy. For example, while other forms of therapy are all about taking the time to consider solutions, solution focused brief therapy is about trying to find a solution now.It’s about using the present to help explore the likelihood of a faster solution. Not only does this make it much easier for you to improve your own life today, it can deliver actionable solutions that produce immediate benefits moving forward.

Indeed, this form of therapy became prominent when practitioners looked into finding a more time and cost-effective therapy strategy. While long-term, other forms of therapy allow for a change in mentality, it’s been noted that often the initial reason for coming to therapy goes unchecked

The aim of solution focused brief therapy, then, is to get people in and out of therapy in a quicker period of time. It’s a fast, effective and reliable form of treatment that has become so prominent in mental health circles. Not only that, but it has become one of the most prominent forms of positive change around today.

Solution-focused brief therapy

Solution-focused therapy is popular as it can easily be applied in all manner of different contexts. Whereas other forms of therapy can have a more limited range of effectiveness, solution focused brief therapy is very easy to implement widely. From in schools and workplaces to in our day-to-day relationships, solution focused brief therapy is a solution with a large body of work showing how successful it can be.With that in mind, then, how does it work?

Why Does Solution Focused Brief Therapy Work?

There are many reasons why solution focused brief therapy is such a successful form of therapeutic treatment. The main reason is the fact that it helps those who need to see immediate results to stay focused. While other forms of therapy may be too long-term to be useful to some, this helps to offer a very easy way to see actionable results.It’s a form of therapy that works with one core belief: that those in need of care already have the skills needed to positively develop. They simply need a little help unlocking those skills from within. It also helps to open up the mind to let us see what we already know: the changes that we need to make. While other forms of therapy might repress this desire to admit the need for change, solution focused brief therapy accelerates the desire to seek out change.

It often is about encouraging the person who is suffering to imagine a brighter future; one they wish to be part of. This often means referring back to a previous moment in life, when the problem being faced was either not present or manageable.By helping the patient see a positive past as well as a happier future, it makes it easier to keep them focused on that outcome. Often, it’s a solution used to help guide people through the challenges they face whilst helping them see what works to help them stay on the right track.This helps them to better explore the successful strategies that provide short-term and long-term benefits. It also teaches them to help celebrate their progress and success. Not only that, but solution focused brief therapy is known to help people develop and improve their approach to solving problems.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Techniques

Solution focused brief therapy is often used as a standalone form of treatment, though it does combine well with other forms of therapy. Suitable for just about anyone of any age, the most common techniques from solution focused brief therapy include:Going through a series of specific questions usually helping the patient to cope and demonstrate an understanding of their own inner resilience.

Solution-focused brief therapy, group counseling for depression

Give people the belief that they already hold the tools needed to overcome the problems that they face.Visualising a future without the problem at hand, helping people to see how their life will change without this issue.Scaling solutions to help give the patient a chance to better evaluate the issues that they face on a scale 0-10. Great for showing progress and exploring the mind-set of the patient.

The main aim here is quite simple: to find a way to help those who with minimal grasp on their ability to verbalise how they feel about the issues that they face. By doing this, it’s easier for people to be able to open up about the issues that they face, and believe that the solution already exists within them.solution focused brief therapy has been a popular form of therapy for some time, and has been used in both singular and group-based treatments. The aim is to help those to challenge their preconceptions about their own mental resilience and capabilities.It’s a form of therapy with a proven body of work, regardless of age, income bracket, background or otherwise. With the fact that it can be used to help treat so many issues, too, it’s often a great way for helping people to become fully aware of the possible solutions to the problems they face. This makes achieving and reaching their goals in general a much easier experience.

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