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I for one have had stress at work before as many people do in London and if I had sometimes it’s so bad. Even when it’s not extreme weather like cold I get a bit of eczema on my hand actually not very much just a little bit and I was a bit worried. At the time, I looked it up and saw it can be caused by stress but there could be many reasons for it I never went to a GP but I guess what I’m trying to say is where do you start when someone comes to you and says oh I am stressed out at work. My boss. The work load. What you do?



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Ok it’s a work related stress. Is something that I hear a lot about I hear a lot quoted and even actually appears on doctor’s sick notes. Some people could turn up to the doctor and they want a sick note and the doctor writes out “work related stress” you know so in the minds of doctors not in my mind but in the mind of doctors it’s an illness work related stress but I’ll come I’ll come to why, in my mind, it’s not an illness.But my approach is if you like it’s I think on two kind of levels the surface level the top level that you might say the visible the visible and so and what we see is I find out what’s going on in the person’s life and is it their boss they’ve got a problem with or you said the workload or is it work is it work is it relationships of work colleagues what’s going on and then the second thing is underneath I’m thinking about, I’ll use the word dynamics, what are the dynamics? The flow, the process is going on inside that person, I’ll use the word, internally so sorry if this sounds a bit technical. Inside ourselves we have a flow of things going on, feelings, desires, memories, thoughts it’s all a whole system that connects up in a beautiful way and we never fully understand even if you’re a therapist of course.Which means I’m going to stay in business for as long as I like because it’s a riddle that’s never solved the human the human being. So anyway when I see someone coming presenting with the problem with the boss or etc. I’m also keeping an eye on and an ear out for what might be going on underneath. So is this person in a state of being depressed for example mildly, whether mildly or more severely? Are they feeling depressed, feeling anxious? Are they how valuable do they feel etc.Perhaps later on we can come on to some examples of what I’m talking about but that’s that’s my general approach.

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