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Trauma is a term that we often hear, but perhaps don’t fully understand. The term trauma often relates to the impact of a stressful or otherwise majorly difficult event in our lives. Not only is trauma something that can leave you feeling nervous, it can utterly shatter your sense of self-belief and make you feel far more vulnerable generally.

For this reason, you can find that trying to understand and deal with trauma is very tough. You will struggle to recognise events as being finished, and you will find it hard to consign them to the past. If this is something that you are going through, it can be hard to escape as it always feels present.

For this reason, you should look to try and understand how traumatic stress manages your body and why it’s such a different kind of stress. For one, it usually leaves our nervous system in a state of near catatonic fight or flight mode.

Trauma, though, is all about a serious emotional shock to the system that can leave you feeling totally different to how you would have done beforehand. It’s a major shock that can leave you with significant and lasting damage to your wellbeing. An event, such as losing a loved one or being abused sexually, can leave you with a sense of lasting stress.

In terms of treatment; trauma is usually dealt with on a very gradual level. You’ll go through small step-by-step phases, helping to slowly recover small amounts of the experience and to help you come out the other side feeling more positive.

This can help to restore a lost sense of trust in the world and those around you. If you need help overcoming negative trauma, then solutions do exist through counselling, eventually helping you to live a full, ambitious and healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally.

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