Depression causes:

All of us will experience sadness at some point in our life. We will also have moments when we will feel low. Particularly when we go through hard times. It is very understandable to feel this way during the hard times in our life. However, if you notice that such feelings remain for a lengthy amount of time, and you are unable to participate in every day tasks, then it is likely you have some form of depression.

It is good to be aware that depression does not simply involve the feeling of sadness. It also does not involve that low feeling while you are going through difficult moments. Those who have this condition will find themselves experiencing negative thoughts and feelings for a very long time. They may not even know why they are feeling this way.

Depression is a condition that many, many people find themselves dealing with. This is not an unusual thing in life.

The sad thing about this is that there are a lot of individual’s who have this condition and do not even know it. They do not bother getting help and support for this either. The good news, however, is that it can be taken care of and managed. It is possible for those who have depression to be happy and successful. All these people need to do is find the right sort of help and support for themselves as an individual. Don’t worry about others. Just be concerned about getting the help and support you need to get.

Some of the depression causes may involved the following things:

A person experiencing low self-esteem and anxiety often. This person may have been made redundant from their place of employment suddenly. Perhaps the individual has not had a job for a long period of time. Those with depression may have also gone through or are going through a divorce or separation. Or they may be in a relationship that is abusive in some way. Such an individual’s brain might have been going through some changes. This could be good or bad. The person might be drinking far too much or consuming too many drugs. Depression may be running through the individual’s family and has been passed down to them. Those with depression might find themselves isolated or lonely all the time and think they might be the only one with the condition. This individual may also be experience another physical illness.

Depression causes will of course, be dependent upon each and every person. Each and every person will have their own variety of hard times in life. They will also have their own risks to deal with. It is good to keep in mind that such a person will likely go through anxiety and depression all at once.

These are just some of the many different depression causes an individual might experiencing when they have this condition. Other depression causes or signs might include the following:

Constantly wanting to kill themselves or wanting to die. Not having much motivation or energy to do anything. Experiencing different moods that are not normal for the person. Always feeling guilty or not worth it to themselves or to others. Regularly appearing to be slowing down, or on edge. Restlessness may also be experienced. Not being able to sleep much. Or wanting to sleep as often as they can. Constantly feeling frustrated and irritable. Not being able to decide on things in life. Being unable to concentrate on what needs to be done for a reasonable period of time.

Another depression causes is ageing. The older all of us people get, the way the brain works will soon begin to lessen. There will be major transmitters that will soon play a part in the moods that we may be facing. Such changes when we are getting older might be because we have had a small stroke. A small stroke does not always go noticed by those who experience this or even those related to them. High blood pressure may also result in this. An individual might also have dementia. There are many older individual’s who will find themselves with a major form of depression. Even if they have never had it before. When the brain changes, this is often a part of the way it is when we become older. But usually only to those who find it very easy to fall apart.

Stress is also another depression causes to keep in mind. Most people throughout their life time will find themselves in this condition. This can be caused by a wide range of situations. Grief, giving birth to children, financial difficulties, lack of employment or divorce will often result in a person to become stressed.

Stressors From The Past.

There are individuals who may have gone through some difficult situations in the past. Some of these can become quite traumatic and will have a major affect in their life. This is likely to cause depression in the individual who has gone through these things in life. Perhaps a child has a parent who has abused them both verbally or physically. Or perhaps they have been neglected for a long time by their caregivers or other people in their lives.

Constant Tiredness.

Constant tiredness is also a sure sign of depression. It is worth considering getting a test done on your thyroids to see if this can be managed in some way.

Too Much Time On Facebook And Other Social Media.

Research and studies have proven that if people stay on Facebook or other social media pages, they are likely to find themselves experiencing depression. The more addicted we become to these things, the more likely depression will creep in. Those addicted to such media are likely to not be having much contact with other people in person. They may also not have many friends in the real world. Such individual’s are likely to compare their lives with their “friend’s” lives and begin to think that their friends have a better life than them. This is not good at all.


Sometimes an individual’s location may cause depression. Studies have shown that those who live in major cities have around thirty per cent or so of individual’s who have depression. Those living in country areas are said to not be as much stressed as those in the cities. This may be because they may be able to be more relaxed and not have such a fast paced lifestyle than city people.

A Very Large Number Of Choices.

These days, we have so many, many choices about so many different things. Whether that be what type of car we have, what type of phone we have, what type of food we might have. Having too many choices may result in depression because individuals will find themselves not being able to make a decisive decision about what they would like. Either that, or they want to get the next bigger and better thing for themselves or their family.

Bad Relationships With Family Members.

If an individual has bad relationships with family members, or anyone else for that matter, this can lead to depression. Sometimes there are people who simply are not friendly or cooperative enough with a variety of people. Having the right sorts of relationships with people will lessen the chance of depression. Having too many arguments with someone will only increase in a person getting depression.


There are a large number of different medication that can cause an individual to have depression. Always remember to ask about the side affects when purchasing such medications. You do not want to find yourself with depression or wanting to die. Never, ever purchase a medication without discussing such side-effects that you may or may not experience first.

The Food We Consume.

Have you ever stopped to consider that the types of food we consume can cause depression? Often we do not realise this. Rather than consume too much junk food, consider consuming as many healthy foods instead. The healthier we eat, the healthier we will become. We will also feel more energy and motivation the more healthier we eat too. Junk food simply has too many nasty effects on our body and our brain.

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The Hot Seasons.

Research has recently proven that the condition: seasonal affective disorder often occurs in approximately seven per cent of people living in America. Studies have also shown that less than two percent of these individuals, are likely to experience depression during the hot seasons. Depression during the hot season will usually occur when a person’s body seems to get some sort of delay when settling into different seasons when they arise. This was told by a professor by the name of Alfred Lewy. Lewy worked for a Health and Science University in the country of Portland.

Rather than taking in the beautiful moment when the sun rises, an individual’s body would find it very difficult to settle into the new season. He also said that this could also have an affect on the body’s hormone melatonin, and chemistry in the persons brain.


Not Getting The Right Amount of Sleep.

It is perfectly understandable for an individual with depression to feel irritated if they have not had the right amount of sleep.

During the year 2007, some research discovered that when individuals with good health did not get the right amount of sleep, their brain would not rest as it should. Particularly if the individual gets pictures in their brain that would only disturb them. A researcher also noted that this is not much different to those who actually had depression.

Mr Edlund who wrote a book called: The Power of Rest once said: “If a person does not get the right amount of sleep, then the cells in their brain wont have a chance to be refreshed. Not only that but the individuals brain will not work as it should. This is one of the very large amount of depression causes.


The Completion Of A Television Show Or Movie.

Those who watch many different movies or television shows will know that this can often bring about depression. Not only that, but so can anything important that may be going on in an individuals life. During the year 2009, several viewers who adored the movie Avatar found themselves experiencing depression. Some of them even wanted to die. This was because the story of the movie was not true. It was not something that would happen in real life. Those who loved watching movies in the Harry Potter series also found themselves with depression.

A well known female professor from Ohio State University once said: “Most people end up viewing these things simply because they want to have company. Particularly individuals who found themselves upset very easily. She went on to say that: “these people found themselves sucked in easily to these story lines and would often think real life is not true. They would only focus on their own difficulties in life”


Not Consuming Enough Fish.

Those who don’t consume the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids that many fish contain are likely to experience depression throughout their life. During 2004, research proved that only women would get depression if they did not eat enough fish. This would not occur within men. Fish and vegetable oils in particular help take care of the serotonin in our body. It was also discovered that a variety of different fish oil supplements would assist those who had bipolar or depression.

A Head Injury Of Some Sort From The Past.

Studies have shown that head injuries from the past may result in depression. Particularly if it has had something hit the individual’s head right on. If the individual fell right down to a hard area or a piece of ground. The individual may have experienced some sort of vehicle accident, or been involved in some sort of explosion that may have been near their head.

Your professional doctor will know if the injury on your head is major, minor or only a little injured. This of course, will depend on when the injury occurred.

Too Much Pressure To Be Happy All The Time.

We live in an age where we are bombarded with a lot of faces with smiles on. This may be on the television, on advertising boards, in magazines, online and much much more. Social media often has faces on it that are always seemingly smiling away. This can sometimes cause us to be fooled into believing that we are not allowed to be sad. That we are not allowed to experience other forms of emotions. By watching others appearing to be happy all the time when we are not, is one sure fine way of causing us to end up with depression.

Sad Music.

Sad music can be very harmful to anyone who may be experiencing depression. Music is a great way to bring about all sorts of emotions such as anger or sadness, happiness or joy. If we are not careful, sad music will begin to have a negative affect on us simply because it is negative. The message of the lyrics sink in to those listening to it. Particularly if they are listening to it repeatedly as often as they can. There are also some people who truly believe that sad music can make them feel happier. But this is not true at all. Always be as careful as possible when listening to sad music. You do not want the message of the lyrics to cause you to die or fall into too much negative thinking.

The question we should ask ourselves now is this: How do you know if you have depression?

If you are not sure if you have depression, it is a good idea to consider going to your professional doctor or medical center. It is they who will be able to work out if you have this condition, or any other condition for that matter. If you are not sure how to go about this, there are many pages on the internet that can give you some advise at how to go about telling your doctor or whomever it is you are likely to see.

Before making an appointment to do this, it is worthwhile learning how this condition can be diagnosed. Readers should be aware that many health professionals will ask their patients a variety of different questions. It is through this that they will be able to work out if you have depression or not. They may also repeat some of the questions back to you. This can also be done through the form of a survey. Once the survey has been completed, your doctor will then be able to work out what the next best step will be.



In this article, we have seen that All of us will experience sadness at some point in our life. We will also have moments when we will feel low. Particularly when we go through hard times. It is very understandable to feel this way during the hard times in our life. However, if you notice that such feelings remain for a lengthy amount of time, and you are unable to participate in every day tasks, then it is likely you have some form of depression.

There are a wide range of different things that can cause individuals to get this condition. Some of these depression causes may include the following: not eating enough fish, not getting the right amount of sleep, when the weather changes to the hot season, a very large number of choices about all sorts of things in life, an individual’s location, too much time on a variety of different types of social media, bad relationships with family members and much, much more.

If you are not sure that you are experiencing depression, please do consider going to your professional doctor or medical center. These professionals will be able to professional work out whether you have this condition or not. This can be done through a large number of questions they will ask you. Sometimes the questions will be repeated back to you. This can also be done through the form of a survey. Once this has been completed, the doctor will then be able to work out what the next best step for you will be.

Please do not be afraid to go to your doctor and talk about this with them. They will be very understanding and professional about it. They will also keep things as professional as possible. After all, their job is to make you well and happy again!

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