Depression counselling can help, but what is it?

Depression is common and nearly 1 out of every 6 individual is fighting with this mental disorder. People suffering from this mental condition, usually detach them from the society and don’t feel like talking much about their condition. If you are going through depression, then don’t worry.

You can seek the help of the depression counselling sessions being taken by depression counsellors or physiotherapists that aim at addressing the root cause of depression. If you are experiencing depression then it becomes crucial to visit a therapist and start taking therapy and counselling sessions for the same, as a professional can help you recover soon. Are you looking for Couples therapy London ?

Types of Depression.
Depending on the severity, depression may be of the following types:

If the symptoms have a limited impact on your daily life, then it is a mild depression and can be treated by undergoing counselling sessions only.
If the symptoms are persistent and the condition is becoming worse, then it is considered to be a major depression. Here treatment cannot be restricted to just few counselling sessions.

If the depression is characterized by extreme highs and lows, then it is known as a bipolar disorder. Patients are given specialized counselling sessions to patients falling under this category.

Postnatal is another type of depression that is usually found in woman and is apparent between 2 weeks- 2 years of giving birth to a child.

How to determine if an individual is undergoing depression?

There are many symptoms apparent in the affected individual. Some of the most common symptoms are:

Feeling suicidal
Living in a state of isolation
Constant feeling of hopelessness, tearfulness, and restlessness
Lack of sexual desires
Reduced interest in activities that previously used to be joyful
Feeling sleepless all night or over sleeping
Avoiding interaction with people
Here one thing should be kept in mind that feeling one of the above symptoms at times is normal but if any of these feelings become persistent, then you may be subjected to depression.


Can depression counselling help?

Patients with depression find a ray of hope with each and every passing therapy session. Off the many depression therapies, the best and widely used therapy to treat depression is the Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Apart from this therapy, the counsellors also use other therapies like the Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Interpersonal therapy (IPT), Psychodynamic therapy, Group therapy, and Art therapy. These therapies are really a boon for all the patients and considerable improvements have been noticed amongst individuals who appear for this counselling therapy. Each case is different and accordingly, the types of counselling sessions are prescribed for each individual.

Depending on the case type, some patients may also be prescribed some medicines that can contribute towards the improvement of the mental condition. The counselling sessions depend on the individual case and the treatment proceeds accordingly.


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