Marriage counsellor London

What can a marriage counsellor provide.

Marriage counsellor London can provide you with the tools you need to make your relationship last. But how do you find the best London marriage counsellor? Therapy is not a one size fits all venture. We are all individuals and this fact gets brought into our relationships. Finding the right marriage counsellor in London will make the difference in your union and get your relationship to a wonderful new place that you may have never thought possible. Looking for Counselling London ?

Our therapists know how difficult it can be to find couples counseling that speaks to you and your partner. Our therapists understand the unique situations that couples can face. Our London marriage counsellors truly listen and are sensitive to your needs. Our experience doing couples counselling for decades has resulted in a basic philosophy we feel is key to making a lasting difference in our clients’ relationships. Get the guidance and tools that our London marriage counseling will provide you. Call us and take advantage of our complimentary consultation either over the phone or in person.


Marriage counselling is one of the main specialties at our London marriage counselling practice. Our marriage counsellor in London are experienced and have the credentials to successfully provide you with the guidance you’re looking for. Our staff has some of the most highly trained therapist in today’s couples therapies, including attachment-based therapies like Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, and the Gottman Method Couples Counselling.  

Whether you have worked with a traditional couples therapist before in the past or not, you will find our approach to be dynamic, gender-balanced, goal-oriented and fair towards both of you.

Besides therapists who have specifically trained in marriage and family therapy training programs, there are no formal specialisation licenses for therapists that want to focus on working with couples or families. Thus, there are no standards that therapists need to adhere to in order to call themselves a couples or family therapist, and in fact, most therapists are generalists in nature.

Our model, although unique, integrates all of the leading research and therapeutic approaches in the field, such as Gottman, Imago, EFT, CBT and Interpersonal modalities. When combining all these evidence-based practices with conjoint therapy, this leads to gender bias minimisation and a significant decrease in unproductive and damaging conflict arising in session.    

Our approach with couples is a structured and developmental model customised to each couple that walks through our doors. The number one problem that each couple lists when they meet with us is a problem with “communication” in their relationship. This is a catch all word that often can mean a plethora of issues in how the couple interacts with each other. The first session is designed to “triage” the relationship and give us a quick assessment to the needs of the couple and to help the treatment team design a plan for each individual as well as the relationship as a whole.

Marriage counsellors assess the conditions of communication, trust, honesty, quality time, intimacy, personal time, spirituality, outsider involvement, safety of the environment, coparenting and dysfunctional coping skills within each relationship. We also focus heavily on education, teaching each couple new skills and tools on how to effectively communicate with each other, how to build trust in the relationship and how to avoid repeating the same bad habits they have learned along the way.

Research has found that the average couple waits 6 years before seeking the help they need in their relationship. There is no need to wait any longer to receive the support necessary to improve your relationship, contact us today to set up your first evaluation appointment.

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