Relationship intimacy

It has finally been proven that: as a wife, making physical intimacy a biggest priority in your relationship or marriage will most definitely change the dynamics of the relationship intimacy you have with your husband in several positive ways.  In fact, not only will such a gesture mean quiet a lot your dear husband, it will also bring you closer as result deepening the commitment which you have towards each other.

As strange as it may sound, women usually feel as if men are only always interested in sex, which is not always the case. Just so you know, what your hubby is always looking forward to is you wanting to get intimate with him. He is looking for you to be the one to show interest in getting intimate with him and spending time together and most importantly, for you to be the one to initiate it. In short, as the woman, be the one to initiate a physical connection instead of leaving it all up to your husband most of the time to see to it that you two get intimate.

Ladies, this is addressing you.

Frankly speaking, think back to when you last initiated sexual relationship intimacy in your marriage. Yes! I can only imagine all of the excuses going through your mind at the moment. Well, no one loves excuses. Everyone is always looking forward to positive results. In case you are tired, you should never use it as an excuse every night. Instead you should work towards proving how much your physical relationship means to you. one way to do this is to take nap or better yet grab your husband by the hands and show him affection rather than just waiting to fall in bed as a result of exhaustion.

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It is common knowledge that in most cases, it is usually men who are normally making advances towards their wives, creating the impression that they are most interested only in sexual intimacy regularly. This scenario however needs to be changed. There are several reasons for this:

1. It is important to make your partner understand the fact that you truly care about them

It is imperative that your husband feels that he fulfills all of your emotional and physical needs. More importantly, he needs to feel that the physical aspect of your relationship intimacy is not in any way one sided. In short, avoid having your husband feeling as if he is the one who is constantly asking for, begging for or continuously signaling you that he would like to have sex. What your hubby actually wants is YOU. He needs to feel that you really need him physically just as much as he needs you.

Take note, when you make it clear to him that you would like to be physically intimate with him very often, which will help him know in an obvious manner that he excites you, that he ignites true passion within you. This feeling is very important because it will, as a result, make him feel manly and loved than he may have ever felt in a while.

2. Sex will become very important to you.

One of the finest ways for a couple to express their love for each other is through having sex together. At the moment, sex might simply seem like something which is enjoyable to you and not necessarily something worth thinking about that often.

However, at a later stage when you finally get to understand the fact that sex presents you with the opportunity to express true love to your hubby in a practical manner, it will turn and become very important to you. In fact, it will always rate very high in your personal list of priorities. What’s more, the more you will continue to choose to initiate physical intimacy, the more enjoyable, fulfilling and fun it will also be for you and not only to your husband or partner.

3. Intimacy will become more fulfilling for the both of you.

Being intimate is fun, enjoyable and meaningful. In fact, when you are the one making an effort to initiate and completely be engaged, sex will become an extremely fulfilling experience for the both of you. This is mainly because, the feeling that you are you are able to fulfill your husband’s needs in deep ways will help you recognise just how much sex with him really fulfill you. In fact, both of you will soon realise exactly how much you are becoming invested in the physical connection.

This will in turn give you an indication of exactly how much you really deeply care about each other, making you really look forward to helping each other and most importantly enjoy being together.  Simply put, when you become excited about every time you make love, your hubby will also be equally excited about it.How to make the change:

A. Always beat him to it.

Assuming your husband is the one who is always making all kinds of romantic advances towards you for instance (climbing in bed with the lights out, kissing you or cuddling to you giving you have good idea of what he really wants, simply beat him to it! as the wife, take the lead preferably assume control by making advances towards your husband.

B. Occasionally give him hints that you would like to get intimate with him.

When saying goodbye to your husband for instance, give him a big kiss and in the evening when he gets back home let him know just how much excited you are that he is back. Some of the finest ways to do this is to send him surprise messages in the course of the day or an email reminding him of how much you are looking forward to spending some intimate time with him later on. Tell him how much you really enjoy being around him and spending time together with him.

In fact, if possible get to talk to him about it when you are together.  In short, let it him understand that you would love to have sex with him more or better yet, that you really care about it with every day that goes by. Make it clear that the reason you care about it is because you love and care about him and that you truly love him and that you would love for him to understand that.

C. Show up.

Prepare yourself, if you feel as if you are not in the mood then get yourself in the mood for instance, take some time to pretty up yourself a bit, turning on some music and making yourself smell nice. In addition to all of the above, focus on being involved and committed the entire time. In short, make this whole experience about loving your husband and being able meet his needs since by doing so, your needs will also be fulfilled in return. There is no need of acting over the top or pretending to be very passionate, just focus on being yourself but caring and giving in slightly more. Keep in mind, what you husband really needs is to feel that your sex experience as a couple allow you o share together and is not just a single sided quick act.

Final thoughts.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed, this is because your husband is not expecting you to always initiate intimacy every night, just focus on doing it more often (however you choose to interpret that). In addition to the above, it is important that you always remember the purpose of physical intimacy. This is important because it serves as an opportunity that will allow you and your hubby to give yourselves completely to each other which in turn will promote trust between the both of you. It will be a time when you get to be truly selfless and express just how much you truly love your spouse and exactly how much he means to you

From the above, it is clearly evident that when you make the decision to start initiating sex more, intimacy will become more beautiful, fulfilling and unifying. Try it out, I am certain that your husband will go crazy. Plus who knows, by just trying it out, you might be surprised at how much your desires, thoughts, desires and feelings towards sex change in positive ways and all to the nurturing of your marriage. As with all issues written about on this website, please seek help from a trained professional before acting on any information in this article.

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