What is sex therapy and counselling?

Despite the fact that sexual problems affect the lives of many, very few are open to discuss about it. The portrayal of sex in a glamorous way by the media is not exactly its true picture, and people all over the world suffer from various types of sexual problems. While some of these problems can be fixed easily, there are others that require medical assistance. Psychological sex therapy as well as counselling is a medical approach that essentially works to solve helps sex related problems that are primarily caused by performance anxiety, stress, depression or intimacy issues among other relationship based issues. Are you looking for Private Counselling ?

Why Sex Therapy And Counselling Is Important:

This therapy aims at getting to the root of the problem. It is not always possible for couples to work on these problems without any assistance because their discussions are frequently obstructed by anger, disappointment, inhibition, hurt, accusations and heated debates. And even if couples are able to work out the problem soon enough, these issues later on become more complex and difficult to even talk about.

There are many who don’t opt for sex therapy because they want to wait it out or because they get anxious when it comes to psycho-sexual counselling. The fear of having to confront the problem or to find out that their compatibility with the partner is not strong enough makes people want to procrastinate their need for assistance, making them feel more and more hopeless with each passing day.

What To Expect During The Counselling And Therapy:

When an individual or a couple is willing to get help through sexual counselling and therapy, the first thing they will be questioned about is their relational or sexual history (in private if need be). Other questions that an individual should be prepared to answer during the therapy will be related to their parent’s marriage, their childhood, and what education did they receive about sex (both indirectly and directly).

This therapy may also include the therapist asking the individual or couple as to how they want to solve their sexual problem. Assignments may also be given during the counselling so that the individual or couple read or talk about certain things told by the therapist.

Treatments Offered

Psychological sexual counselling and therapy broadly covers two problems- one is the high frequency of disagreements and the other is low desire for sex in individuals or couples. Men suffering from premature ejaculation or women not having orgasms are among the problems that can be solved without any difficulty. Slow ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are some other sexual problems that can be treated through this therapy. Mandatory counselling is required for survivors of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Feelings about various sexual acts, oral sex problems, technique problems, porn related problems, low arousal, sexual boredom, fetishes and addictions are among the many reasons why one should opt for sex therapy and counselling.

In Conclusion:

Sex therapy and counselling can help an individual or a couple to overcome their sexual problem without having to succumb to their partner’s demands. Instead of feeling hopeless and wanting to give up on a relationship or marriage, it is better to seek out for help from medical professionals who know exactly how to solve the problem at hand.

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