Since the lockdown began in the UK, there’s been between 10 and 15% increase in the prescription of anti-anxiety medications.

Nearly 90% of adults have reported feeling anxious because of the pandemic and lockdown. And now more than ever, the need to find how-to solutions to manage our mental health challenges like anxiety is very necessary.

Recently when the second nationwide lockdown was announced and by the Prime Minister, we now see an increased uncertainty about our future, health and economies. Anxiety level is on the rise and in lieu of that, taking practical steps to better manage how you’re feeling rather than resign to constant anxiety and uncertainties is a great gain for you.

Our brain network isn’t built for uncertainties, but to signal when threatening situations are involved. The brain regularly updates your world, perception, and judgments about safety or vulnerability. If the brain can’t discern between all these things, it cannot keep you out of harm.

Uncertainty is a basic response that is wired into our biological make up and the sole aim is to make us stay safe. Questioning certainty causes a release of adrenaline, a stress hormone which triggers our flight or fight response.

Anxiety hence sets in in response to the working of the flight or fight defence. However, when there is an imbalance in how the body processes stimuli coming from the environment and sensory stimuli, it leads to unequal excitatory reaction and excess release of neurotransmitters between neurons in the brain which then leads to overstimulation of the entire nervous system and anxiety feeling.

On prevailing symptoms of anxiety and how to treat the disorder, Dr Sarah Jarvis who is a General Practitioner and Media Medic noted that; some individuals experience uncontrollable feelings, dread or worries about the future. Some have difficulty focusing on something or may have difficulty relaxing. Others tend to feel tense and have insomnia – difficulty sleeping. But, no matter the symptoms a person may have, generally, feeling tense, nervous, panic and worrying that makes you feel anxious.

From a recent report from the Associations of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMP), 10-15% increase in the quantity of anti-anxiety prescribed since the UK lockdown began. Generally, anxiety is a serious disorder that affects people differently and not all the symptoms manifested in people actually need drug prescription.

Although some support options such as Pharmaceutical Quality Lavender Oil Capsules are good for you, other non-prescription options like mindfulness, natural and talking taking therapies are invaluable.

Realistically, you cannot just make your fears “fly away like a bird.” But there are just simple and practical ways you can effectively manage them. Many of these ways are very important methods for having a healthy lifestyle and so, maximizing them can really improve your mental and physical health.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Accept how you’re feeling, fear and the change you’re going through, more importantly when the phase is enforced and not within your capacity of control. You can write down how you’re feeling and the thoughts that come along with it. Writing down your thoughts can help you grasp and understand them more clearly. In addition, you can have a journal and that can ultimately give you control over your anxiety and boost your overall health.

Shun the things you already know you have no control over.

The good thing is here is that when you refuse to dwell on the things beyond your control, you will gain more energy to focus on the ones you can control. When uncertainty happens, people begin to visualize the worst of the period. Don’t give room for negative thoughts, rather concentrate on the things within your control and it can be as simple as daily walking of your dog or weekly meal plan. Factor in routines that give your day goal and purpose.

Spoil yourself with kindness.

 Don’t give in for uncertainty. Protect your healthy routines from uncertainty. Be motivated to eat healthy, get exercise, and sleep well. Give yourself constant reminders that it could take time before the situation gets resolved and in the meantime, you need to be patient. 

Try traditional remedies.

If you feel any need to take drugs, try a traditional herbal remedy. Kalms Lavender is a good one, to begin. Lavender oil can help relieve anxiety symptoms like nervousness and stress. It has been proven in at least fifteen clinical trials that taking a capsule of lavender oil daily can significantly help relieve anxiety symptoms in less than 2 weeks. The benefits are higher than regular over-the- counter anti-anxiety drugs which come with side-effects like sedation or potential addiction or counteracting effect with other drugs. 

Ask for help.

Getting worked up, worried, scared and helpless during times like this normal. In fact, it shows we are humans. So, remember that it’s okay to share your worries with people who you can trust. Besides, sharing how you feel with them can consequently help them as well because you might be surprised they’re also worried and sharing yours with them will ginger them to share theirs with you too.

But, if you cannot talk to someone you know or per-adventure you have been doing so but hasn’t helped much, there are lots of helplines available which you can use.