Covid19 and out mental health issues.

We sat down with Diane Stevens to talk about how Covid19 is effecting our mental health issues.

Covid19 How will it effect our mental health

Coronavirus has also affected our mental health by creating anxiety, worry, and boredom in different kinds of people. Economical pressure and job pressure have also created many issues related to mental health. We are not familiar with its future effects on our professional lives, social relationships as well as on our schools. This is also the reason that creates anxiety and affects mental health. Parents are worried about their sons and daughters who are doing their jobs outside the home. So it can be resolved by cooperation and help to each other. Therapist can do help in this manner.

COVID-19 How will it effect our Anxiety

With an unpredictable future Covid19 is causing alot of Anxiety. How ever some people who are staying at homes normally because of self employment etc may have less anxiety and are less worried. People that have anxiety about social gatherings, may feel a relief in that they may not have to give excuses as to why they won’t want to meet, because they have to stay at home during lock down.

COVID-19 Children at Homes

Whilst adults can keep themselves entertained through out this period, its the children that may well suffer the most, given that staying in all the time can lead to boredom for children, as alot of their time is spent just watching tv perhaps on mobile devices but how long can this last ?

How can they soothe or calm? As parents have to follow some Parenting responsibilities to keep our children happy and calm, We should give proper time to our children, be patient with children, and we must play different games with them. If there are children of different ages like teenagers and younger they should cooperate with each other. Parents can also take support from each other by dividing hours to spend with children. For this purpose therapists are also very helpful to keep you cool and patient with children.

COVID-19 How to self soothe

It is very important to self soothe during this pandemic. We should get rid of things that are not good for us. For example excess of wine and overeating can be dangerous for us. We have to follow the some practices for keeping us healthy and to relax. Things that we can do to keep ourselves calm are; Indoor exercises like yoga, play with children, go in parks with families, watch Netflix, do some homework with partner, learning new things that never did before like learning a language or different recipes. And most importantly we should do everything as we can do in our normal lives while staying at homes that make us feel good. It’s important during this period that we take care of not only our physical health but our mental health also. Which is why therapist like myself are doing Skype therapy, instead of giving therapy in person.

COVID-19 after isolation

 Looking at the historic perspectives of Spanish flu It can be assumed that coronavirus can be spread after isolation if we will not adapt measuring precautions. We should all strictly follow the hygiene measures to protect ourselves from coronavirus. While going to shopping centres, parks, or any other place we should follow precautions such as use of gloves, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and most importantly avoid the large gatherings. 

In this pandemic everyone has their own unique contribution against disease and everybody is valuable. So, we should help to each other by taking care of our own health, and spreading awareness. Therapists also have their part to play during pandemic which is giving counselling to people using though slip therapy or telephone therapy.

Our Finances COVID-19.

Coronavirus has put a massive impact on people’s Finances. Finances problem has become one of the worrying factors during lockdown and maybe after lockdown that can affect our mental health. For some households, this lockdown has brought a massive drop in income and little prospect of getting more money in the near future. Government do much as it can, Government can take borrow money in some way or can collect charity for the poor people in the country but taking a loan will not be a good option because it will be long term loss that our children’s children would pay in term of taxes as well.
We can be saved from a big finance problems in lockdown by saving the money in different ways like avoiding the outings. Therapists have major role in mental health so in this situation we should contact with therapists for suggestions and counselling of our mental health. We should also cooperate and trust to each other and be patient during this pandemic.

Loss of a loved one during Covid19 Part 1

The Corona virus pandemic has changed our lives especially the lives of those grieving the loss of a loved one during lockdown. People dying of COVID-19 as well as from other diseases but the saddest parts of this; we can’t stay in hospitals with our family members, we can’t see them over there to look after them and we can’t attend the funerals of our loved ones due to the effects of COVID-19. This situation is going to be very difficult for people but they should be prepared for this mentally because COVID 19 effects can happen anytime, anywhere. We can protect ourselves by staying at homes, talking to each other, spreading awareness and helping needy people who are facing the problems. In this time, therapists have a key role to maintain the mental health of the people. People always have the option of seeing a therapist using Skype therapy, they don’t have to see therapists in person.

Loss of a loved one during COVID-19 part 2

We all are going through the same crisis and we have to be brave and strong enough to face this. As we all know that people are a social animal because of this the isolation can be effecting us in what way we’re not aware of yet. So, in this difficult time we have to support each other. We can help others in various ways i.e. by communicating and reaching out to them, even if we can’t do this so still we can help them more or less in another simply way i.e. by taking care of ourselves. Click here if you are looking for Counselling in London

If you think you are struggling it’s important to know therapists are there. The most important key which we need to follow in this tough time is to be patient and understanding towards each other. We all are a source of comfort and moral support for others. All we need is to recognise this fact and become a cause of consolation for people in out lives.