I want to produce a TV studio environment where as a group we can all use it to produce our own high quality talk show content, excellent for building an online presence or building your influence.

Being an influencer 

Part of being an influencer or building an online brand should involve a video marketing strategy and at the very least a social media presence that you can monetise. In order to make money from having an influence you need to have lots of YouTube subscribers, Facebook fans, and instagram followers. Putting adverts into your video content is a part of being an influencer but the business opportunities that come are also part of it.

Content strategy

Most influencers have the ability to shoot video in their bedrooms so how do you set your self apart from the crowd? One way is to have your own talk show where you discuss issues surrounding your industry and come across as the authority. in your field. I’m sure you have already thought about this but always considered it to be too expensive? What if a group of us that are trying to be influencers shared the cost of a studio to film in?

How can you have your own show ?

The cost of setting up a TV studio environment is high, the cameras, the lighting, the sound equipment, the set, cost of the monthly rent, the photographer to advise, and possibly to work, the cost of this can be highly reduced if a group of people wanting to produce content got together to share resources.

So I’m proposing that we as a group, we put our resources together so that we can create individual shows that only promote each of our interests.

On a personal note if we work together i’ll do what ever it takes to make it work for all of us, it either works for all of us or it doesn’t work at all.

Email us on [email protected] say hi, and say you’re interested…thats it, look forward to hearing from you 🙂 or fill out the following:


Here is the some footage from the Rubin Report which has the set that i intend on emulating.